Please read all instructions carefully.

Total time of testing: 2-3 hours

  • No caffeine 12 hours prior to Lexiscan test day. (this includes chocolate, colas, coffee, or tea and all products labeled decaffeinated or caffeine free).
  • No Theophylline 12 hours prior to test.
  • No Aggrenox (Dipyridamole) 48 hours prior to testing.
  • No food 3-4 hours prior to testing. You may drink water during this time.
  • No smoking or exercise 8 hours before testing.
  • You will have an IV started for this procedure.
  • If your test is scheduled in the afternoon, eat a light meal 3-4 hours prior to testing. Please do not fast all day for this test.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes and shoes. Please wear short sleeve shirt/t-shirt and pants/shorts. Please do not wear dresses or overalls.
  • As a part of this test you will need to eat a snack after the Lexiscan, but prior to the second picture of your heart. The snack break is approximately 45-60 minutes. This snack should be a minimum of 10 grams of fat (you can bring food from home). Do not eat this food until instructed by the nuclear tech. The final images will take approximately 20-30 min.
  • On the day of the stress test, please bring a list with dosages or bottles of your medications (including and supplements or over the counter), your inhaler(s), insurance card(s), and driver's license.
  • Take all of your regularly scheduled medications as prescribed except the medicines listed below. Do not take thse medicines (listed below) 48 hours prior to your test
    • Aggrenox
    • Dipyridamole
    • Anacin
    • Triaminicin
    • Excedrin
    • Migraine meds with caffeine
    • Midol
    • Dristan

Cancellation of a nuclear stress test requires twenty-four (24) hours' notice, otherwise there will be a charge to the patient for the cost of the isotope.